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Since the formation of Hollowkings in 2017, who have officially hit the airwaves, are soaring high and have become an unstoppable Rock Music Force to be reckoned with!

Based in Costa Mesa, California, USA, the Alternative Rock Band released their first NEW single, ‘Fall Apart’ February this year, 2018!

Hollowkings, comprising of Dillon Forst – Vocals, Guitar, Piano and Studio Drums, and Adrian Alperstein – Bass Guitar, have prudently formulated their own Alternative Rock/Post Hardcore Genre with infinitive creativity of refined exquisiteness, which is expressed in their new single, portraying their passion of keeping ‘Dreams Alive’ through their music.

Their approach to their style, is clearly augmented with intelligent song composition, constructive lyrical outlays, enhancing the beauty of the vocally resonating chorus lines, complimented by the warm, nodular lead and backing guitar riffs and licks. The bass guitar robustly influences and guides the composition through its determination of notorious scales. Energetic, tight and sturdy drums are displayed with heightened drum progression rhythmic fills, profound accents, and praised with the melodic contour of smooth keyboard synths.

Hollowkings’ tracks immerse you in a sonic maelstrom with formed, dominant, harmony progression detailing groove inflection, living up to their modelled imagery of “Bringing You a Unique Blend of Heartfelt Rock, Paired with a Relatable Angst”.

A journey less traveled taking you on a blissful adventure, Fall Apart, is a pure illustration of what you will be receiving when you invest in the melodic tunes of Hollowkings.

Leading up to their Official Album release, ‘The Surface Beneath Us’, Hollowkings are already working on the production of their second Hit Single which is a Paramore Cover, ‘Tell Me How’, released by their own record label, Hollow Records.

In addition to their current lineup, Hollowkings are working towards their TOUR which will be taking place in the near future!

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Written by: Dorranstar Dorran


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