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The instrumental group, DECA, and the talented singer/songwriter/musician, Len Muller, joined forces and recorded an inspiring song together about victory and overcoming obstacles.

The new single, Oorwin, was released to radio stations nationwide on 5 March 2018!

DECA’s Douw Steyn comments: “We are big fans of Len Muller and we were so keen to do something new that wasn’t instrumental. In our eyes, Len was the perfect candidate and we’re so glad he agreed to work with us. We hope that this song inspires people to break past difficult times and to believe that anything is possible.”

William de Bruin, who wrote the song, went through a rough patch himself in 2017 where depression almost got the better of him, but with support of his friends and loved ones, he decided to beat it and overcome it.

“Douw and I have been writing together for some time. He is one of my best friends and he understands me very well. From a writer’s perspective, it’s how Oorwin started. Because Len is also an artist with a deeper understanding, we trusted him with the interpretation of the song – and he really did an excellent job of it. We often come across so many big egos in the industry, that Len was a breath of fresh air. His professionalism and humility made it so easy to work with him,” adds William.

Len adds that he loved the song from the first time that he heard it and that it was a great privilege to be able to record with the talented DECA.

“It’s always great to work with other artists who challenge me to grow more. I always want to make music with people who inspire me and give me hope. I really believe that this song will mean something to someone and that’s why I sing from my whole heart for the greater purpose.”

Oorwin is available on DECA’s latest album, DECA II and on iTunes:


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